Snow Horse Elementary has a variety of activities that occur throughout the year: 

  • Hope Squad--These are students who are trained to be trusted peers who other students can turn to in times of crisis. Learn more about our Hope Squad by clicking the "Clubs" link on the left sidebar, or visit
  • School Musical--We have a dedicated team of parents and PTA leaders who facilitate this amazing event each year. This year our school musical is Newsies!
  • Student Leadership--We have a group of 5th and 6th grade students that serve our school in a variety of ways. The students apply for a position on student council in the spring for the following year, and need to have a positive teacher recommendation to be considered. 
  • Orchestra--6th Grade students are given the opportunity to learn and receive instruction from a certified music teacher on an orchestra instrument. Orchestra is held twice a week in the mornings. 
  • Battle of the Books--this is a fun reading incentive program and competition, for any interested 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th graders at Snow Horse. Students read from a list of 15 books. In the spring, a school-wide and then a district-wide competition takes place between the Book Battle Teams. Click here for more info:
4th grade book battlers

There are many other activities and events throughout the year that students can participate in. They will be announced through the bi-weekly Stampede newsletter, and through the school's website, social media, and call-outs. Contact the office for more details at (801) 402-7350.