Joni Slater Principal

Principal:  Joni Slater
Phone: 801-402-7350

Sarah Johnson

Admin. Intern: Sarah Johnson
Phone: 801-402-7350


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Main Office: 801-402-7350
Attendance: 801-402-7350
Fax:  801-402-7351

Office Hours:  8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Office Manager:  Becky Smith


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Mission Statement

Snow Horse has a positive collective school culture and community.

  • Snow Horse Elementary is know for its exceptional faculty, positive school climate, well behaved students and supportive parents.

Snow Horse Elementary provides personalized instruction.

  • Teachers use technology as a meaningful way to provide differentiation, differentiation through software and by providing meaningful practice for students while the teacher works with smaller groups of students at various times throughout the day.
  • 100% of teachers administer diagnostic Math and Language Art Drill Down Assessments to identify areas students need targeted intervention.
  • 100% provide effective interventions. Each teacher has 25 minutes of time four times a week to work with struggling readers. Land Trust Funds are used to hire enrichment aides that provide enrichment-based instruction for the remainder of the class during that time.
  • 100% of teachers are trained and provide enrichment.

Snow Horse is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of best practices and programs to ensure our students receive relevant instruction

  • Grades K-6 participate in Project Lead The Way, an engaging project based learning program that focuses on using the engineering process and higher level thinking to collaboratively solve real-life problems.
  • Snow Horse Elementary is the only school to have AQUOS interactive presentation boards in all classrooms.
  • Grades K-6 participate in Junior Achievement, a program that utilizes community resources to build financial literacy and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Snow Horse Elementary piloted what is now a District-wide reading enrichment program—Davis Book Battles
  • Piloted the Hope Squad for Elementary Schools
  • Provides a balanced education through K-6 programs that focus on the arts
  • Is a model school for excellent instruction, visited frequently by teachers and administrators throughout the State
  • Has an after-school robotics club
  • Focuses on depth of knowledge