The Legend of the Snow Horse

The Legend of the Snow Horse

The Snow Horse hides under a blanket of snow all winter.

He waits on the mountain while the nights are long.

On the first day of spring, the Snow Horse stirs.  The sun reminds him of his important job.

His head peeks out.  “It’s too early!” The Snow Horse disappears once more beneath the snow.

In April, the Snow Horse lifts his head and then his straight back.  He sniffs the warming air.  “It’s almost time,” he whispers.  Children in their backyards look up, hoping to see the horse on the mountain.

The Snow Horse lies back, allowing the sun to slowly melt the snow around his body.  He glances down into the valley below.  “Not yet,” he thinks, “It’s not quite time.”

By May, the Snow Horse can feel the sun’s energy waking him up—helping him remember what he has to do.  Farmers in the valley look up expectantly. They are waiting for the signal of the Snow Horse.

Finally, on a warm evening, the Snow Horse shakes his feet loose, and gallops up the mountainside.  At first, no one notices--but then, throughout the valley, awareness spreads.  The Snow Horse has returned.

A child shouts, “Mom!  The Snow Horse, the Snow Horse!  Now, we can go barefoot!”

A farmer quietly prepares to plant his tomato seedlings. 

A family plans an overnight camping trip.

The Snow Horse has done his job.